My name is Shiva and welcome to my very own exclusive site. I am a mixed race British/Indian girl who happens to have huge breasts and a very naughty nature.

As you can see I love dressing up in sexy little outfits that show of my rather large assets - I was blessed with naturally large breasts, 36G if I'm exact, which is quite unusual for Indian girls. I'm not your average Indian girl either, I have real curves and love to flaunt them, I decided that being proper wasn't for me and instead, I broke away from the norm and decided that my naughty side just had to come out!

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See Through Lingerie
Naughty Nurse in Stockings
Indian in the Cupboard
With my Mistress
Riding Crop
I love to wear lingerie while relaxing around the house so once I got home I stripped out of my works uniform and slipped into something a little bit more comfortable. It was a small black negligee that my tits don’t really fit in but it still feels really nice on, and it makes my boobs look even bigger than they are, if that’s at all possible!
I have always had this ‘wanting’ to become a nurse, perhaps it goes back to the days where I played nurses and doctors and I always loved the little while uniforms! I got one for myself and put it on with a pair of white hold ups for this set and boy did I have fun. I thought about myself visiting all my patients and taking care of those who needed a little tender love and care! I think I’d make a great nurse, would you want me to help you get better?
Who doesn’t like being tied up? Ok probably a few people but it certainly isn’t me. I love it. I love the feeling of giving up power and control to someone else. I really wanted you to see me as submissive as I am. I want you to see me squirm and I want you to imagine that you were the one walking around me tied up as tight as I was - I couldn’t move; I couldn’t escape - I was yours for the taking…What would you do to me?
For some strange reason that I cannot even think of I thought to myself, why not get locked up in a cupboard? Yes, I know, rather odd but I did it anyway and it felt rather nice. Not nice in a flowers and perfume kind of way but I felt all sneaky and naughty and rather cheeky if I do say so myself. I mean, what girl voluntarily wants to be locked up in your cupboard?
I love horse riding, nothing is better than a little trek through the woods with nothing but your horse to keep you company. I ‘borrowed’ this riding crop from the local stables and while they were out for the day I hijacked the barn and decided to have a little play. I was in nothing but my underwear and a riding hat playing with this crop for a bit of fun. Of course my bra soon came off and I was having a little rumble in the hay
In the Kitchen
WPC Strips
Phone sex
Little white socks
Indian in the Office
I got this new red shirt and instead of wearing it to work for the first time I decided to wear it while I was in the kitchen lounging around considering what to have for my dinner. Usually most girls don’t roll around on the floor in sexy clothes when they are considering their dinner options but then I am not your usual girl
Stripping does come very naturally to me, everygirl loves to take her clothes off hehe - so this time I decided I should make it a bit more interesting. I found myself a WPC (womens police constable) outfit and started to take strip…I had the hat, the batton and the handcuffs!
I love to have naughty sex on the phone, especially when men want to talk about me playing with my boobies. Would you like to talk to me on the phone, while I play with my boobies? Well pretend we are chatting now while you wank over my pictures not your usual girl
In these picures, I feel really sexy and I’m posing seductively for you on my bed wearing a sexy little black satin dressing gown and as you’ll see it’s undone so you can see how huge my breasts are. I’m also wearing little white ankle socks. I’m looking through her specs with a sexy look in my eyes as if to say “come play with me!”
I don’t usually wear my sari to work but I had a family event afterwards, obviously I would put my bra on for that but while I was a work a bra was too restricting so I took it off and left it in my handbag ( yes I have a very big handbag hehe). The sari didn’t stay on too long either, I had that off and was up on the filing cabinet and playing with my tits - all in all a productive days work don’t you think?
Cupboard Slave
Talking in the Office
Red Blouse
Lick my Feet
Black & white top
Oh yes, here’s me in that cupboard again hehe. There is something about being locked up while bound and gagged that really does it for me. I suppose I like the feeling that I’ve lost control and that there’s nothing I can do about it, giving myself completely and not having a choice in what happens.
What started of as a really innocent phone call soon turned into full blown phone sex, thankfully everyone was away out to lunch and I was all alone in the office. I like talking dirty on the phone, I don’t get to do it often as there’s generally people all around me but at lunch time at work when every one leaves I can be as dirty as I want and not have to worry about people listening to me that shouldn’t be!
I was wearing my work clothes in this set - Of course I didn’t stay in them for long. Rolling around on the satin sheets got me all very hot and bothered and I decided that I needed to get out of them and fast. I unbuttoned my red work shirt and slipped of my short black skirt but I kept my pantyhose on - it was then I realised I had went to work without any panties on!
I am in control. I want you down on your knees and looking up at me. Your mouth has to be open so I can stick my toes down your throat - you are going to suck my shoes and then lick the soles of my feet. Oh and don’t forget the heel - I want you deep throating it and just make sure you don’t hurt yourself too much - I’m going to need you to take my shoes of and give them a good clean
This set of pictures is really sexy, I really enjoyed posing for these. I love showing off my big boobs and am really proud of them. I’m relaxing at home on my big bed with nothing but a tight stripey top on and some sexy, sheer black hold ups and sexy specs.
Red Satin Sheets
Russian Spy
Dildo in the Bath
blowing up balloons
Sexy Pink Sari
Nothing can top Satin sheets, especially red ones. Red is the color of passion and sex and sexuality and of course when I am lying there on dark red satin sheets with my stockings on and my high heels and a sexy office uniform things start to lose control. I soon strip out of my uniform and roll around on that lovely soft fabric and feel as though I’m floating
I figured that dressing up in short skirts and blouses was something that everyone does but how many other girls with tits as big as mine do you see dressing up as a Russian Spy? Of course, you know I’d never get caught and if I did I would get myself out of it flaunting my huge boobs and promising lots of sexual favors! Obviously all spies need to grow some breasts and long hair and flaunt it
When I usually go in the bath I go for a nice relaxing one - candles, oils, pretty smalls and so on. This time however, I jumped in the bath with my favorite silver dildo and started to get a bit carried away. I had been feeling very horny all day and I hadiven some serious thought at work to going to the toilets and relieving myself but waited until I got home and getting in the bath
Here you’ll see me in the pictures looking pretty innocent sitting on my bed and blowing up some balloons. I’m first seen with nothing but a white bra on but after I’ve blown up a few balloons, I get really hot and I end up taking off all my clothes! Aren’t I a naughty girl! Anyway I am getting more and more into blowing up balloons
In this set I decided to wear my sexy new pink Sari that I had my family send me from India. It was really soft so I wraped myself up nice and snug and then slowly stripped out of it just for you showing of my gorgeous stockings and white suspender belt, and of course, not forgetting my big boobs!
Tits & A Flower
Stocking Mistress
Stockings & Corset
Short Grey Skirt
Fighting with a friend
Here you’ll be able to see me posing at home with a pink flower. I am lounging around on my bed and I feel relaxed as I pose in front of the camera. You can see my gorgeous cleavage, sexy smile and just how big those tits of mine eally are!
Is it that time again? Oh yes, time for me to play like a good little puppy while my good friend Sabrina gets out the leash and treats me like a little dog. I love it really, she pushed me up against the wall and then brought me down to my knees where she strapped the leash on and patted my head, making my beg for her touch.
If you hadn’t guessed already I love to wear stockings and corsets. My favorite clothes! I really love the way that wearing stockings makes me feel. I feel very sexy, powerful and feminine and like a proper lady should feel of course. I really enjoy wearing corsets cause they do great things to my figure and they bring my boobs up and give them a great shape
So this is me in that tiny grey work skirt I have, I don’t wear it very often as it is very short, shorter than my black ones and seems to grab me more attention! I love attention really but there are some days you know, when you feel you are having a bad hair day or a fat day that you don’t want all the attention? Well that wasn’t today!
Watch me pillow fight with my new best girlfriend Sabrina, from sabrinas stockings. We start of fighting then end up pulling each others clothes off. Though our stockings remain
Stockings up Ladder
Balloons in hold ups
Secretary Stockings
Laying in my Sari
Old school uniform
Ok here is that scary ladder again, don’t worry I wasn’t nervous or anything during this set I just get very freaked out being on ladders hehe, I think people like me up them just for their own sick pleasure - and because I’ll always do as I’m told there isn’t much chance of my saying no is there
Here you can see me semi naked and blowing up some big, rubbery balloons. You’ll see that I have huge tits with gorgeous erect nipples. I’m blowing up big balloons for a party and haven’t quite finished getting dressed. I’m wearing some sexy black hold ups and as usual not a lot else!
Back at work and the boss was in so I had to be quite discreet. I bent over my desk, flexing my legs to see if that got my any attention and luckily it didn’t so I slipped my panties off under my work dress but kept my stockings on, quickly I hoisted myself up on the filing cabinet and started to play with my pussy!
I find nothing comfier than my pink Sari. It’s my favorite outfit and even if I’m not out with my parents or visiting friends and family I still like to wear it to lounge in. I was downstairs laying on my comfy pillow wearing my sari and nothing else in this set. The only thing hiding my fully naked body is my pink sari!
Look at me in my old school uniform, well it was only two years ago I was going to school with my huge boobies. No wonder I never got any work done.
Dildo in Pink Sari
Bursting Balloons
Bubble Bath
In the Army Now
Black Stockings
Playing with myself is brilliant, think about it, I know exactly what I want and when I want it and of course where I want it so it makes sense for me to bring out the sex toys and give myself a good thrashing rather than finding someone to do it for me. That’s what this set is all about it. It’s me lying in bed with my favorite dildo and sliding it in and out of wet pussy while thinking of all the naughty things I want to do to a real cock
I figured I’d do a little roleplaying with this set. I blew up lots of balloons and got out my corset, whip, stockings, suspenders and high heels. I dressed myself up in quite a dominant fashion and then, just as the balloons weren’t expecting it, I would stomp on them and boy did they bang loud. Of course the balloon didn’t say much in protest which was fine with me.
Ahh yes, bubble baths, all girls love a bubble bath and I am no different. I ran this bath and poured extra bubble stuff in just to make sure the bath could last longer. I really like my baths boiling hot, like so hot when you stick your toe in and out it’s somewhat red and steaming hehe. A massage after a bath is a real treat but there was no one there to give me one sadly - oh well, at least the bath will still super
A small part of me wanted to join the army when I was younger, not that my family would ever allow it mind you! Far too strict for that, mind you they would never approve of this site but I still went ahead and did it! Anyhow, I figured that I should visit my past thoughts of being in the army by wearing this army uniform, ok the jacket didn’t fit too great but it’s not my fault that I have somewhat large tits!
Watch me strip off and leave nothing but my stockings and my big boobies. This is one of the first photo shoots I did, so I was a bit nervous.
Silver Dildo
Short Grey Upskirt
Sari in the Wind
Red Rose
Busty Corset
Oh my, out comes my dildo once again. Don’t worry, it’s not the only one I have but it really is my favorite! I love it when it gets really cold and I slide it inside me, mmm, yes, memories! I was lying on my bed in my little black babydoll and pulled out my silver dildo which I sucked like it was a real cock and then I slid it inside me, of course I’m sure the real thing would have felt much better!
In this set I am in one of many variations of my works uniforms. I know I tend to wear very short skirts to work but I always feel that they are the best kind, especially when you are always after a raise. I work hard at work but of course some of the other people in the office get distracted by my short skirts especially when they are so short that they show of the tops of my stockings!
I decided to wear my sari in this set but the wind decided to take advantage of me…If it wasn’t my hair flying around in the wind, it was my sari! I had to try to control it from flying right off my body, not that you would have minded I am sure but I could very well have upset a few people if they saw a naked Indian girl walking around the streets
Ok so technically it’s not really a rose, but it’s red and it’s pretty and it looks good beside me hehe. I love flowers, I really like waking up to the door going and someone has sent me flowers, it doesn’t happen very often and it’s usually just my mum trying to make me feel good but I still love the little buzz for a few minutes thinking that someone has a secret crush on me and is sending me flowers!
In this picture I took on the submissive role once again, which is perfect with me. I love being tied up in the bedroom and I really enjoyed this set. I slipped into my corset and stockings and made sure that my hands were bound nice and tight and of course that I had my leash on. I acted all shy and innocent but in fact I was really turned on and could have done with stripping off and giving my pussy a good going over
Playing in my Sari
Boobs at Work
Stripping at work
Stockings Spanking
Shaving my Legs
I don’t know what it is I have with playing with myself but I seem to do it quite regularly. Perhaps I have a problem or the fact I’m just highly sexed could have something to do with it…Anyhow, in this set I am wearing my sexy black sari and a pair of tan pantyhose, I really like the sexy feeling of slipping my hand under the ‘hose and touching myself.
Nothing beats getting your boobs out at work, trust me, I know this to be a fact. Luckily I don’t work with many females as they might be a bit hesitant to see my tits everyday but the guys love it. Bet you wished I worked in your office? I’m not shy about my assets, I love showing them off. I wish girls would appreciate them more, I do like to have some fun with the girls I must admit
It was about 6pm and everyone had left the office, I was supposed to go straight to a party after my work so I had brought my outfit to change into to work. It just meant that when everyone had left I had to get naked and strip at work while the CCTV cameras were watching me, of course I love being watched so I took my time in stripping off my red shirt and flashing my stockings was a given
It’s my good friend Sabrina again and she’s come to keep me company on these long cold nights! We decided to play a little game, and usually it’s me on the receiving end of these games but I decided to take charge for the first time ever - I had to spank her! Yes, like make her ass bright red and sore and have her whimper as she was bent over my knees
You caught me getting ready for a girls night out. I love taking my time in the bath to make sure I come out ‘just right’ hehe. I take a lot of time soaping up my boobs and of course my legs, I love having soft skin so take good care of it. In this set you seem to have caught me shaving my legs. I soaped myself up and made sure there were plenty bubbles and then got out the razor, gently dragging it up my legs making sure I did them properly
Sweet and Sticky
Schoolgirl Stockings
boobed bondage
Black Stockings
Cowgirl in the Barn
Ok this was a rather sticky and messy set and I felt so weird doing it! I had never plastered my boobs in food stuffs before this one and well, it felt rather strange - but in a nice way. I really enjoyed the fact I got to eat the syrup after I’d poured it over my tits, it was covered in sprinkles mind you but they tasted yummy as well - yes, I ate it from my own tits, that’s the joy of having such big boobs, I can use them as plates
Isn’t it great to see girls dress up as naughty schoolgirls, personally I love it. It takes me back to the old days - I was always a good girl in school though, you wouldn’t expect any less of course. I dug out my old hat that I used to have to wear to school and a very short black skirt and tight white blouse.
In this set of pictures, you can see that I have been a very naughty girl again. I’m so naughty that I get stripped of my top and bra so that you can see my massive tits, a tight black leather collar put round my neck really tightly and my hands are tied behind my back with black rope so that I really find It difficult to move
I decided that it was about time I wore my sexy lingerie around the house a bit more often. While I was waiting on dinner cooking one night I slipped into my black and pink babydoll and a pair of cute black panties with my stockings and suspender belt on. Sitting down on the chair, I suddenly felt very sexy, my tits were bursting out of my babydoll so I figured that was their call for attention
As I’ve mentioned before I am really into horse riding and like to go and help down at the local stables but of course when they all go out for a trek and leave me back in the barn I tend to get a little out of hand! This time around I slipped into a short denim skirt and tight white blouse with my stockings and boots on
In the Wind!
Masturbating on bed
Pink Sari
Maid & the Officer
I bought a new dress for a cocktail party that I was to attend and thought I’d wear it out just to get an idea of the reaction it would get, of course I didn’t plan on it being very windy! It was quite a floaty dress so just as I was stepping outside it started to fly all over the place, the wind brought it up showing of the fact I was wearing some tan pantyhose with no panties on
See these pictures of me and my massive tits lying on the bed in my sexy white undies and white ankle socks. I have a cheeky grin and that is because you catch me with my hands right down my white knickers. I am having a very nice time pleasuring myself while no one else is around. I can make all the noise I want
I love my pink sari as you well know by now so decided that I should have some pictures taken in the dark! My dark hair blends into the background but the pink is really bright and looks amazing. I love pink and I love black, two favorite colors so this set really did it for me. I though it turned out prett good
Ohh look who it is bending over and making the bed, it’s that naughty friend of mine Sabrina! I decided to slip into an office outfit of mine and came and show her who’s boss around these here parts, I slipped into my hate and jacket, covering the corset I was wearing and I climbed onto the bed and gave Sabrina a good telling off
With all this hype about Umbrellas I decided that I should see what the buzz was all about. I dressed up in my tight black corset and a pair of black stockings with red seams and got myself a white and black umbrella. It went quite well actually, for some reason they made me feel rather ladylike and elegant - of course the ladylike part didn’t last too long when my corset started to come off, you can flash your tits and be a lady
On Office Floor
New nylons
Border Crossing Guard
Wet Shirt in the Shower
Balloons in my Corset
I know most people think that lying on the office floor will have you covered in all sorts and you’ll be dusty all day but not in my office! I like to keep that thing clean and that’s why I was happy to get down on the floor with my sari and my pantyhose on roll around like a crazy girl in heat! Lukcily no one was around to see me or I’d get some funny looks, and the fact I wasn’t wear a bra or panties might have caused some suspicion as to what exactly I was doing
In this set of pictures, you’ll be able to see me wih my long hair down, no bra on and my big boobs on show, putting on my new, sheer, black nylons. All I am wearing is a tight black and white top which is pulled right down, so you can see exactly how big my tits are.
Go on I dare you - try and cross my border. I love to dress up as you all know so this time I got out the corset and my very hot military outfit along with a whip and made sure I looked all serious. I doubt anyone would mess with me at border patrol don’t you think?! Wouldn’t you just love to be on the other end of that whip when I’m in control
I’ve always had this fascincation about getting wet in white clothes. I love the fact that it goes totally see through and you have no secrets! I decided that it was about time that I got into the shower with my white work shirt on and let the water fall over my giant boobs but without a bra on! I watched, totally amazed, how see through the shirt when and just how clearly you could see my hard nipples
I was having a party and what party is complete with a huge assortment of balloons! I was only half dressed and time was pressing on so I decided that I needed to get those balloons regadless of the fact that I was only wearing my stockings and suspdender belt and my corset.
Wet T Shirt in the Shower
Washing my Clothes
Girls Night In
Stripping my Stockings Off
Secretary Slave
I love getting all soaking wet, and I don’t mean that in a very rude way hehe, I love jumping in the shower with some clothes on, especially white ones and feeling the water soak through and make them go very see through. This time around I wore a white t shirt that was a bit small for me and a pair of white panties. Both went very see through and stuck close to my body! It felt amazing…
Nothing beats coming home from a hard days work and getting that works uniform off and into the washing machine while the dinner is cooking. I like to be comfortable while I lounge around in the evenings so when I got in the door I headed straight to the washing machine and started to strip. First off was the stockings and then the suspender belt, into the washing they went!
Sabrina came over and kept me company after a hard week at work and instead of doing the normal things that girls do, ie watch a chick flick or eat tons of buttered popcorn - we slipped into a couple of sexy negligees and got on the sofa and let nature take over, and when I say nature. What was nice soon turned naughty as she started to masturbate and I soon followed her…
It was late and I was getting ready for bed, I had been visiting my parents all day and I needed to jump in the bath and relax but I could hardly wear my Sari and my stockings into the bath - well I could but then they’d be ruined! I laid down on my comfy pillow and started to strip off my stockings, unclipping them from the suspender belt and slowly running them down my legs
I bet you are wondering why on Earth I have this letter in my mouth. My boss thought it would be funny if I had my hands chained around my back for the day (and when I say chained I literally mean chained) so that’s exactly what happened. I had to type up a somewhat short but important letter and stick it in an envelope and post it off.
Red Stockings
Blowing Balloons
Ladder Upskirt
Indian Bondage
Tied to the bed
I did my hair up in pigtails, got out the bright red lipstick, slipped into a black basue and donned some sexy red stockings. It was quite a cheeky set this one, I felt quite punkish and naughty, like a rebel! I almost wanted to tear my clothes off and go screaming down the street in a mad rebellious fit then I remember I still have to live there and face my neighbours so in the end decided against it
Oh yes time for another party. Another party means more balloons. Now I know I don’t have to blow these up topless but I know that it makes you crazy so I love doing it with my boobs hanging out. Watch my chest rise up nice and high as I suck in all the air I can to make sure this balloon goes up without any problems. Luckily it does - but I seem to have trouble tying the knots
I needed to get the cornes in my ceilings cleaned and you know what that means right? Cracking out the ladders and the extending feather duster and climbing up beside all the cobwebs! Now, I’m not afraid of heights or anything but being on ladders is quite a daunting experience for me, don’t ask me why, it just scares the life out of me hehe but it had to get done.
Here’s me tied up again. This time wearing my sexy corset for you. I love corsets and stockings as you know and I also happen to be wearing my rather sex new shoes. I’m a big shoe-a-holic. That whole traditional debauched look with the corsets and red lips and thigh high boots really does it for me but until I locate some daring red lipstick that doesn’t make me look like a tramp
In this great set of pictures, you can see that I have been tied to my bed with a long red rope. I’m wearing plain white underwear and little white ankle socks and patent black stiletto heels. I feel like a naughty little schoolgirl. After a while, you’ll notice that my bra is pulled down and you’ll see my gigantic tits.
Bondage Tape
Tearing Stockings
Looking all girly
Balloons together
Long Orange Balloon
As I’ve mentioned before I’m somewhat the submissive to when the opportunity came up that I could be wrapped in bondage tape and then shackled to the bed I was all for it. It took a while for the bondage tape to stay on mind you, my huge boobs kept getting in the way and then overspilling the tape but we got there in the end and I really did like the end result - could you imagine me being shackled to your bed like this?
I was really upset doing this set, I had this gorgeous pair of levante stockings on and the plan was to play it all cool and sexy in my black robe but just as I sat down I felt a ladder run right up my leg! I was almost in tears hehe, I really loved those stockings, so instead, I decided to get all frustrated and rip them right off my legs! It was hard but worth it in the end…It meant I got to buy a new pair!
This set of pictures shows me….topless again! You’ll know by now that I have huge tits and you can see them every now and then squashed up next to some big pink rubber balloons. I’m really enjoying playing on bed at home with the feel of rubbery balloons on my naked skin.
Me and sabrina from Sabrinas Stockings are having a party and so are stitting aroung, as you do, in stockings getting ready and blowing up the party balloons. We both love parties and like to fill the place up with balloons. I loved doing these pictures and we really teased the camera man after we blew the balloons up, rubbing ourselves with them and licking them.
You know how much I love to play with balloons right? Well there was this one balloon out of the packet which was really hard to blow up. We started this set and I was trying to get it up first time (ooh err) and I couldn’t so my photographer ended up blowing it up for me - letting it down and then giving me a shot and I STILL had troubles. My poor little lungs must not be big enough to get these long orange things up!
Burlesque show
Phone Sex at Work
Cleaning the Table
Blocked up Hoover
Rose Petals
In this set of pictures, I feel really sexy and am naked apart from my black and white ankle socks and two fans. One black and the other white. I’m putting on a burlesque type show with the fans so that I am mostly covered….but sometimes I may let a fan slip and you get to see my big boobs!
I was sitting at work while the rest of the team had went out to lunch when I thought I’d call up one of these sex lines - feeling a bit horny and all that. No one was in the office so they couldn’t hear me and I sat back and had some of the dirtiest phonesex with another girl I had ever had! She told me to open my shirt and play with my tits which I happily did, when I told her my hand had slipped to my panties and I was playing with my pussy she loved it, and I think I did too!
More housework! Housework is never done in this place hehe, not that I mind. Unlike most girls who do housework and get into tracksuits and such malarky, I dress myself up! I like to feel sexy doing the housework so I slipped into a little negligee and some stockings and brought out the marigolds and made sure that the table was so clean you could see my tits through the other side! Fancy having me clean yours?
Isn’t a pain when you’re hoovering and the things gets a block in it? I hate that more than anything. I was working away quite nicely in the office giving it a good spring clean and what not and the darn thing blocks. I got down on my knees and everything and I still couldn’t figure out what was blocking it. I was not amused but I did like the way my boobs wiggled when I gave it a good shake!
Girls love to get pampered and I am no different but seeing as I have no one to spoil me rotten I have to make do with treating myself! I got a rather large boquet of roses and instead of putting them in a vase showcasing them for all to see I decided that they would look better spread across my bed. I took the petals of each and every rose and sprinkled them over my white sheets
Relaxing on Couch
Writing in my diary
All Tied Up
With my Mistress
Riding Crop
You haven’t seen this sari yet I don’t think - I have shown you me wearing the pink one but never my black one. This was a gift from a cousin of mine and she sent it over and asked me to take pics and show them to her, of course I couldn’t show her these ones so I’ll give them to you! It was supposed to be me just relaxing on the sofa but instead I got a little frisky!
Well I usually write down what I’m going to write on my blog on paper, usually in bed after I have just masturbated and am still feeling horny, in these pictures I am doing just that. Then later I write it on my computer
Who doesn’t like being tied up? Ok probably a few people but it certainly isn’t me. I love it. I love the feeling of giving up power and control to someone else. I really wanted you to see me as submissive as I am. I want you to see me squirm and I want you to imagine that you were the one walking around me tied up as tight as I was - I couldn’t move; I couldn’t escape - I was yours for the taking…What would you do to me?
It seems that I have this thing for being quite submissive, it shows very much in this set of pictures when my good friend Sabrina came along and gave me what’s for! She put the leash on me and had me bent over with my hands cuffed, I won’t even tell you what she did to me with that large leather whip. It was uncomfortable, I was in a bit of pain, I felt humiliated - and I loved every second of it. I love it when Sabrina comes to play, we get up to all sorts
I love horse riding, nothing is better than a little trek through the woods with nothing but your horse to keep you company. I ‘borrowed’ this riding crop from the local stables and while they were out for the day I hijacked the barn and decided to have a little play. I was in nothing but my underwear and a riding hat playing with this crop for a bit of fun. Of course my bra soon came off and I was having a little rumble in the hay

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